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Safe -Supported - Respected

A refuge for victims of human trafficking in South Dakota

Pathfinder Center

In 2015, Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc purchased a building to utilize as a refuge for victims of human trafficking from all over South Dakota. It was named Pathfinder Center.

Our Goal:

To promote the growth and development of those we serve by empowering them to experience healing and wholeness, while ensuring that each woman gains a sense of self-worth and the capacity to achieve their full potential.

Our Key Objectives:

  • Women have safe, stable housing and are protected from traffickers.


  • Women become part of a healthy, safe community of support that provides assistance while they address pressing legal, medical and emotional needs.


  • Women learn life skills such as communication, conflict resolution, understanding boundaries, understanding trafficking and trauma, and making safe choices to help them live independent lives.


  • Women receive addiction counseling, job skills/GED classes, emergency counseling and transportation.


  • Services will also include a crisis hotline, clothing, food and hygiene items

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