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Wiconi Wawokiya Crow Creek

Wiconi Wawokiya Inc. was originally started by a small, but concerned, group of volunteers and in 1985, through assistance from the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe funded, for the first time in the history of the Tribe, emergency services for victims of family violence.

In 1986 the Bureau of Indian Affairs loaned a three bedroom house to Project Safe to house victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

In 1995, the organization opened its own shelter for victims of domestic violence. The shelter now can provide shelter for up to 16 people at one time.

To date, we have grown with the help of generous donations and through grants from local, state and federal levels to continue our emergency services to those living on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation and for the large, surrounding rural area.

The Project SAFE shelter environment is like a home and provides safety in its location on the reservation so victims do not have to leave their jobs, have their children change schools, or be removed from their extended families when seeking support and protection from an abuser.

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